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I first had this wine with my sister at Scoma’s off Pier 47 in lovely San Francisco, over the best bowl of fresh clams that I have ever had. Absolutely wonderful with seafood (not just clams, but damn good with them!), this wine is light and fresh, flowing with citrus, especially lemon and mandarin, with a slight crispness that just makes you feel at ease and really enhances your meal. Enjoy!!

Average Price: $10.99 (I have seen it as low as $8.99 at Costco, as well as $9.99 when on sale at grocery stores!)

My boyfriend is the one to blame for this new addiction! 🙂 We happened to stop by a liquor store to pick up some rum and found out that all of the liquor inventory was obsolete, but all the wine was up to 80% off!
This wonderful wine from Oregon cost us a cool $3, and it is so worth more! 🙂 I mean, who can’t pass up a $3 bottle of wine, that says it’s from one of the best places to grow Pinot Gris? This bottle was absolutely amazing chilled and perfect with some shrimp scampi, salmon, chicken parmesan, or actually, just by itself.
A light bodied white wine, this wine is not to be confused with it’s similar brother, Pinot Grigio, which is very light, dry and crisp with intense citrus. This Oregon Pinot Gris is more mellow, more bodied, and more relaxing than Pinot Grigio, with it’s lemon, tangerine, apple, and slight orange flavor. Very smooth, with it’s velvety finish, this was “the bottle” that did it for my boyfriend. 🙂 

Average Price: $9.99

For years, I have seen this wine and wondered what it would taste like. Working inside of Costco warehouses vending different wines, I have seen this wine fly from the shelves; and finally, I broke down and bought this wine for dinner to pair with rotisserie chicken.

It was awesome!! A beautiful golden medium bodied wine, this Chardonnay has wonderful pineapple, lemon and apple notes up front, but right as you begin to slowly savor and swallow your sip full, the intense butter, vanilla, and toast sneak up on you, giving you another suprise as it smoothly finishes, coating the back of your throat, and why of course, begging for more!

Enjoy this incredibly cheap, but delightful wine with parmesan cheese, light salads, stir fry, light pizzas (chicken pesto, vegetarian, or plain cheese), or of course rotisserie chicken! 🙂
Average Price : $6.99 (This wine is ONLY available at Costco Wholesale Warehouses)

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