Red Wines

Robert Mandavi Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of my absolute favorite wines, and coincidentally, “the bottle.” Now what is this “the bottle,” thing I am talking about? Well, usually when we start out drinking wine, we’ll drink the same stuff because hey, it’s what we know and like, and why drink something that we won’t like right? Right. Well, that is until you find “the bottle.” This means that until you find that one bottle of wine that opens up new doorways to drinking wine outside of your little bubble, you continue to drink what you know and like, but when you find “the bottle,” you see that there are other wines out there that you can also enjoy as well.

So, why is this wine so awesome? Besides being “the bottle,” this wonderful cabernet sauvignon is just an easy drinking classy wine. My first encounter with this wine was at a dinner, which a friend had brought over as a gift. We opened it to try with dinner, and my taste buds were literally opened with awe and luscious velvety, rounded goodness. The aromas of black fruit, and spice catch you right when you open the bottle, followed by wonderful flavors of dark cherry, oak and vanilla that leaves your tongue velvety smooth with a finish that lingers, but makes you thirsting for a second, or third glass

 Average Price: $9
(I have seen prices as low as $6.99 when on sale!)

Average Price: $9

Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon

Average Price: $10
(Lately, Kroger and Tom Thumb has been having this wine on sale for around $9.99)

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