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Hello My Wine Lovers! Welcome to my site and let me tell you a little about myself. I have a high passion for wine, and love to share all my knowledge about wine, beer, craft beer, and spirits with everyone! Before I knew it, I was being dubbed “The Wine Girl,” here to answer all your questions about wine!

I have nearly a decade of experience in the Texas Beer and Wine Industry starting my career as a contractor with one of the top contracting agencies my area.

your wine girl founder

After my Certification by the International Sommelier Guild I am able to share useful knowledge about wine with my friends, family, and customers in the Dallas, Texas area. After holding a couple of different wine steward positions since my certification I settled in my current position as a wine steward for a major grocery store chain in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. My love for learning about wine and sharing my knowledge leads me to my new path to become a local and online wine educator.

Thank you for visiting Your Wine Girl and please keep in mind that I do offer free wine advice to anybody who is in need of it, all you need to do is contact me for your Free Wine Expert Advice either via the contact form or find me on any of the social media platforms and I will be happy to help.